Meet The Owner

Hello there, I am Edsart Besier .

Along with Pamela Rodriguez we are the hosts during your stay at Tree House Lodge . Pamela is originally from Argentina . We actually met here in Costa Rica six years ago .

Edsart and Pamela, at home on the beach at The Tree House Lodge

To hear a bit of my background and how the Tree House Lodge came about, When I was 18 I decided to travel independently into South America in, British Guiana, Suriname- the rain-forests of Brazil.

During this time I was quite often far away from what has been called “civilization“ .

Indians inspired me early in my life with great interest. The wigwam home was something I considered to be very interesting, along with the way that Indians lived.

On my 21st Birthday I changed course with my travel destinations. Costa Rica had drawn my interests very quickly . That same year I bought a piece of land in Manzanillo , on the southern Caribbean coast . I studied at the HEAO in Haarlem and was just in my first year .

As a young landowner I had lots of motivation to complete my degree and begin building upon my land. Every year I was there just to work and complete my work. My real desire was to start something for myself in Costa Rica and this increased by the day as I was studying .

On my 25th birthday I completed my degree in International Business off . The day after my graduation ceremony , I was already on the plane . In all those years I have never regretted that decision!

The special feature of an adventurer living in the rainforest is that no day is the same : there is no routine whatsoever . You start one day and that takes shape naturally, it’s been every day as if things naturally fall into place . The kind of agenda that you may have in your life in the city, doesn’t even exist any more for me here.

The ” pura vida feel” gives me a sense of freedom that is unprecedented for Dutch standards .

The opportunities in Costa Rica are always up for grabs , so I’ve always seen it myself anyway. There are so many ideas you can give meaning to over here. The Tree House Lodge was one of the first things that I accomplished .

In 1998 I began to reclaim what was then a huge swamp. Where you now see the beautiful botanical gardens which were landscaped , I started off with what was a big wet grass field with Cows!

As a Dutchman , I knew what I had to do to accomplish this challenge.

More than 5 km of drainage was built over the grounds to achieve the final drainage of the grounds of the Tree House.
Literally everything had to be done by hand because the terrain was far too soggy to be there with an excavator to drive.

Only later after this was completed I started to build. What has now grown into “The Tree House” was at that time my own home, I used to use the current bathroom as my laundry room!

I lived next to an old school bus, Which many locals remember from that time.

Little by little the Tree House underwent many radical changes and has now transformed into the magnificent Tree House that stands today.

I do not ever give warranties for the future, perhaps some day it is completely different and things change , but I feel like the future will be much more “mobile Organic” as I call it myself.

The starting point for me to build a house is that the house should be part of his environment and there in need galvanizing. Nature was there first and you have to adjust yourself around it!

Thanks for Reading my background of how the Tree House Lodge came to exist!

Edsart Besier & Pamela Rodriguez