Iguana Verde Foundation

 At the Tree House Lodge property, you can visit the Green Iguana Foundation and take the Iguana Conservation Tour.

Iguana Verde, A Dutch initiative, is a non-profit organization, carried out with the support of donors.


“Iguanaverde” is intended to achieve changes through the dissemination of information and the raising of iguanas to re-establish a natural reserve. The goal of the foundation is to raise a significant number of green iguanas in a natural habitat. It also intends to inform local people about the situation threatening the life of the green iguana
This project was founded with the cooperation of the “Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica” and the “University and research Centre Wageningen” in Holland. The Foundation Iguanaverde is registered in Holland and is a non profit organization.

The Iguana Conservation Tour has certain rules you might want to know when you join it:

  • Don’t throw garbage.
  • No smoking.
  • Keep the volume down.
  • Don’t extract plants or wildlife animals.
  • Forbidden to hunt iguanas.
  • The Tree House Lodge doesn’t comercialize species or flora and fauna products that are ilegal by law.