Iguana Conservation Tour

Immerse yourself into the amazing world of the Green Iguanas, an specie in danger of extinction.

Discover at the Iguana Conservation Tour all the details involved in the raising, protection and care of this wonderful reptile.

An experience you can only find in the most remote places on earth, now available to you in beautiful South Caribbean, Costa Rica.

At the tour you’ll have the opportunity to interact with living iguanas and also enjoy the beauty of botanical gardens surrounding the attraction. The biological richness is increased by the Refuge’s marine coastal areas which include coral reefs, sandy beaches, fossil lined coral caves, mangroves, varying marine floors from silt to sand to rock to coral.

Admision princing to the facilities and tour is $15 per person.

Tour Features
During the tour, you will have the opportunity to get to know the green iguanas from their birth to their reproduction stage; until the moment they are ready to be released into the wild.

The Tour includes a visit to the an 2000 m2 iguana enclosure. This micro-habitat mimics the local jungle setting with a sandy nesting area, various plants for food sources, mature trees both for refuge and food and a fish pond for water and shelter. In this area the iguanas are self-sustained which is vital to ensure their survival in the wild.

Our expert guides will explain you every detail on the behavior of the iguanas, how they are born, how and what they eat, how they act when ready to reproduce, how they camuflage, etc.

You’ll also enjoy a giant-screen video documentary on our projection room explaining the life stages and many other interesting facts related the growing and living cycle of the iguanas.

For Kids and Adults and Kids
The tour is a great opportunity for kids to get closer to the Iguanas, while staying at the attraction, children collect edible flowers and identify other food, which they then feed to the iguanas themselves.

The kids also help to clean out the cages, feed them and see the variable stages on the iguana in their growing cycle. This helps them create a real and solid connection with the animals.

For adults it is a great opportunity to get closer to a very unique reptile only found at the most remote places on the planet. It’s like experiencing a documentary in living flesh.