Our Houses

Our Houses

Beach House

Built entirely from fallen Nispero (loquat) trees that oxen dragged from deep in the rainforest, the Beach House lies 80m from the shoreline, so you can actually lie in bed and watch waves lap the beach.

Beach Suite

The Beach Suite, an original and striking building from the outside due to its futuristic look, full of unusual shapes and colors and a place that really surprises with the size of its bathroom and the creativity of its design.

Crystal House

This house is a magical fantasy surrounded by recycled art and nature incorporated. The House has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 6 people. 

Garden House

The Garden House is built almost entirely from bamboo and sleeps 4 people in 1 kingsize and 1 queen size bedroom.

Tree House

Built on tall stilts, this back-to-your-childhood house is submerged by the forest, with a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading steeply to its front door. 

The School Bus

Edsart (owner of the lodge) has up-cycled this 1980-era school bus he traveled in throughout Panama, re-purposing it into a visually stimulating creative space nestled in lush garden, at once inspiring and relaxing.